Guided Rides - Coldwater Mountain Fat Tire Festival

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Whether it's a slow social ride, flowing descents, or big time techincal stuff, we have a ride for you.   You have your choice of long rides, short rides, and rides down our new black diamond trail "Gazza."  Each ride will be guided by NEABA members and are well experienced in the trail system.  Regardless of ride you choose, you'll have a blast!  Click on the guide leader for a short bio.

To ensure you have a spot for your favorite ride, race or activity, be sure and register as soon as possible for the festival.  All activities and events requiring registration will be made at the time of festival registration with the exception of the Coldwater Mountain DU.  This event will be made at the trailhead on the day of the event.
Black Diamond Gazza Guided Ride A:
Ride Leader - Micah Bray

What to Expect:  Appriximately 10 miles in length.  There is a black diamond segment that is approximately 2.5 miles.

Description:    Experienced riders come prepared to test your skills and have some fun!  We would recommend wearing padded clothing and a full face helmet if you have one.  You will enjoy this guided ride with your seasoned guides, spotters and a member of AMP to help ensure everyone has the best and safest time possible.  You can expect an awesome time experiencing a very technical and chunky (large rocks) trail.  Remember... Momma can't save you here.

What to Expect:  Make sure you have enough hydration and come prepared for a 3 - 3 1/2 hour ride.
Approximate mileage of 25 miles with approximately 2,700 ft of elevation gain.  This ride will start at the upper trailhead and travel to the lower trailhead and return.  This ride lets you experience the most and best of our trail system!

Description:    Starting from the Upper Trailhead you will take All Three Bear Trails, Cassidy (about a 4 mile climb) to Talladega and then 5-6 Miles of downhill on Trillium and Hare, ending at the lower trailhead. Headed back, you will take Tortoise, Chilowee to Rock Slot and then Bombdog, climb up Chilowee (“bombdog bypass”), and then back down to goldilocks, finishing at the upper trailhead. Small, short breaks will be taken at intersections to account for each member of the group.
Guided Ride C
Ride Leader - Marcus Tillman

What to Expect:  Approximate mileage of 16 miles with approximately 1,550 ft of elevation gain.  

Description:    You'll begin this ride with a very fun mile long flowing downhill on Momma Bear with some nice technical areas as you travel up Papa Beaer.  However, get ready to start working hard when you hit Cassidy and Talladega to the Rabbit Hole for some climbing but followed by taking the "bombdog bypass" section of Chilowee.  Finally you'll intersect the lower section of Bomb dog and make your return to the trailhead.
Guided Ride D AND All Ladies Ride
Ride Leaders:  Ride D - Kenny Bunn, All Ladies Ride - Gina Hammel and Amy Smith

What to Expect:  Appriximately 6 miles in length.  This ride is a favorite ride as you travel Baby, Momma & Papa Bear trails.  

Description:    This is a great route for beginner to intermediate riders.  You will experience flowy downhills, climbing and a few technical rocky areas to keep you on your toes.  If you aren't sure you are ready for this or you may be a more advanced rider, ask your guide and they'll be glad to talk you through what route would be best for you!  Also, this group may split to allow more advanced riders to get a little more mileage.
*All guided rides will include a sweeper, so there is no fear of getting lost!
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