Saturday group rides for all levels including women’s only and kid rides will be available.  Keep an eye on this page for details.


Friday night group rides will be after dark so remember to bring your lights!

The Funduro will consist of three circuits; Enduro/downhill, Upduro/climbing, and Cross Country.


Each circuit will be made up of several Strava segments, which will be revealed a week or so before the fest.  The Enduro will have five short segments, the Upduro will have three segments of differing lengths, and the XC will have two longer segments. Riders must “register” for the Funduro by joining the Coldwater Mountain Fat Tire Fest Strava Club (not up yet so don’t look, we will provide a link soon).


The top ten finishers on each segment will be awarded points (10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd, etc.). The points will be used to determine overall winners, and winners for each circuit.  There will only be a few, non-age group categories for participants (ex. Open, Women, Youth/Nica, maybe others). Raffle tickets will be given as awards to the top finishers. We will raffle off as much swag as we can get our hands on. If your business has any swag to contribute let us know.

There is quite a bit of variability in Strava, and this event is meant to showcase Coldwater Mountain, and is not a real race. It is about bragging rights among friends. Please be respectful of other trail users. Stravassholes will be DQ’d and publicly shamed.



The Scavenger Hunt is meant to showcase the cycling and culture in Calhoun County. A scavenger hunt list will be provided beginning Friday afternoon. There will be many things to do and places to go see. Points will be assigned to each activity. The points can be redeemed for raffle tickets.


There will be different requirements to prove you did the things, some of which will be posting on social media with specific hashtags.  There will be a Scavenger Hunt tent set up at the main trail head on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning where you can provide the proof you did stuff and redeem points for raffle tickets.




Remind is your pipeline for all your Fat Tire Festival Updates!  Registration will be capped at 300 and you don't want to miss out!!  Click on the link to join!